just tryna live my life & be the best I can be


An 18-year-old girl with with a mind full of dreams, thoughts and loves.



Today, I am now an 18-year-old girl with lots of dreams, thoughts, and loves!I wanted to take some time to write a short post speaking on behalf of, what I feel, is a very significant day in my life.

First of all, I am so grateful for another birthday. At this age, I can now vote, I can get a tattoo, I can do more fearful activities like skydiving, and most importantly, I can enter contests without any parental consent (HAHA, I'm so lame). Okay, okay, but the benefits to being eighteen aren't what I look forward to the most.

In addition with my goals of 2016 and the fact that this blog is basically parts of my mind and soul, I have a few personal hopes and goals for the future of Livin'Lin.

#2 Give Thanks & Appreciate.

Before the end of last year to now, I've always kept my distance with most people, even my friends, because I thought that I couldn't depend on anyone. However, when stuff happened in the summer, all I could lean on were friends. I still hold myself up like I used to, but I'm no longer afraid of letting everything out to a friend or friends. I've never felt closer to them until this year; they have and continue to help me through whatever dilemma I have going on. I always remind myself to appreciate my surroundings, thank the wonderful people in my life, and treat them the way they treat me. If you guys are reading this, I love you so much!

Now, in regards with my blog, I'm overwhelmed by this small, but meaningful audience of people who read my blog. It blows my mind that I get daily visitors, even just a few, every day, whether they're reading a post or simply visiting the home page. Maybe they're looking for updates, who knows.. all in all, I can't emphasize and say enough how grateful I am. I honestly never expected this kind of turnout, but it's happening, and to this day, it's still difficult to grasp upon. Alright, alright, I could go on and on. Thank you so much, always!

#1 Give More.

For my 18th birthday, I decided to spend some of my money on a favorite Canadian organization of mine called Me to We. I bought a load of rafiki bracelets, as well as other accessories made my mamas in Kenya, and donated to their sister charity, Free The Children. I love that for every bracelet, necklace, or other accessory you buy from the company, you help make volunteer trips happen, and you can also help families in a Free The Children community (located all over the world) by providing one month of school supplies to a child, one month of clean water for a child, and many other simple, but effective support to those who don't have access to the resources most of us are lucky to have in North America.

I plan to reach out more in my own community through volunteering and also by donating to an organization of my choice every month. It doesn't always have to be money that you give; it can be your time, your gifts/talent, your clothes, etc.

With these two more elaborate goals, I always hope to keep an open mind, be patient, be kind, and all the other great qualities I strive to have on a daily basis!

Lastly, aside from goals, I'd like to give a shout out to all of you who take their time to read my blog. This week only, I've had one girl in the grade lower, come up to me in the library and tell me that she reads and loves my blog and that I should keep it up. I also had someone whom I'd never talked to ask me for blog help. If you two are reading this right now, you don't know how weird and funny, yet honored I feel to receive comments and questions like that. I'm glad that I inspire you by just being myself. You guys definitely made my week!

Anyways, without further adieu - To new experiences and stories for the future when I could say "When I was 18-years-old..."

This is an end to a beginning and I can't wait to see what's in store.

Lots of love, old, but not really old, Lindsey