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A Part Of Me: A Compilation of Thoughts


It's 9:04 on a Monday evening. I drank this chocolate tea a few minutes ago, I'm scrolling through my Tumblr blog, reblogging away, and I'm listening to The Most Beautiful Songs In The World playlist on Spotify. I'm at peace with myself, and life is going steady. It's been a long time since I've felt this way. If I was in my room upstairs right now, I'd probably be listening to the newly discovered playlist I just mentioned, sit on my bed against the wall, and stare into space.

Two days ago, I tried what I thought was the only way to meditate (it obviously isn't). I sat on the carpet of my room, crossed my legs, closed my eyes, and listened to the Zen Focus playlist on Spotify. I ended up meditating for 20 minutes and I was so surprised with the satisfying feeling at the end when I felt as if I came back to earth. I have a lot of things to think about, but we all know that our mind needs rest. You shouldn't have to wait until bed time to take a break from your thoughts. Take a walk. Read a book. Be immersed into your own world!

When I first started meditating, I thought that I wouldn't be able to get my thoughts out-of-the-way. It was weird, yet so powerful, because after a few minutes, when I was just focusing on my breath, it's like my mind grew hands and pushed away all the problems I think about too much. It was like, in that moment, my thoughts weren't welcome. Eyes closed, focusing on my breath, listening to soothing tunes, I felt like I was in my own world, like I was on a mountain, or on clouds, or in the darkness of space. I was alone, but I didn't feel alone. I just felt peaceful, relaxed, and focused. I felt my heartbeat and it was beautiful.

Tonight, I want to introduce my other blog. It's an inspiration blog called dreamlifedreamfreedom. I'm getting more used to pouring out my soul and thoughts ever since I've created Livin'Lin, so I just wanted to show you guys one of the many creative platforms I use to pour my insides out to. Yes, the name of my Tumblr gives away a lot... but all the kind of artsy and poetic URLs were taken, so I half settled with it and half learned to like or maybe, now, love it. I'm a deep thinker, but not a poet, haha! Anyways, enough about my URL. I want to talk about what my other blog features and what it means to me.

What you'll see on my blog is my past, my present, and my dream future. I say dream, because I am dreamer, but I also have a realist point of view. It's nice to have both, because that way, I don't get too caught up in dreaming instead of working. However, dreaming about my future does give me hope, and fuels me to work harder in the present time.

When I look at my blog, I feel inspired. I get to see through what I post, what I used to think, what I think now, what I used to love, what I love now, and what I want to love. My blog consists mostly of photos, because I fell in love with the way photos speak instead of just reading words, although, I do enjoy reading nice things from time to time.

A few of the things you'll find on my blog...

  1. I reblog photos of people. Most of the time, it's either because I find them beautiful, no matter what emotion they show, no matter what they're wearing, they just stand out to me. Or it's straight-up because I love what they're wearing and would wear it myself, haha.

wpid-http%3a%2f%2f40.media_.tumblr.com%2f7883b16e4e89733998c9285060c8e041%2ftumblr_nm520hece21rvfgfro1_1280.jpg   wpid-http%3a%2f%2f41.media_.tumblr.com%2fddc6660ecb953038e04893c9e3bc74a1%2ftumblr_nawue0suvd1rbk1bfo1_1280.jpg

2. I reblog photos of food; food that I love, food that I want to try.. I also wanted to note that I don't think I'd ever go on a diet, because life is just too short for that, man. I simply just eat less of the bad food and try to balance it out with "healthier alternatives". I'd just never go on a full-out diet, you know what I mean?

wpid-wp-1439272941086.jpeg   wpid-wp-1439272937302.jpeg

3. I reblog photos of places; places I love, places I want to visit, and places I'd want to live in.

wpid-wp-1439272932886.jpeg   wpid-wp-1439272946062.jpeg

4. I reblog photos of moments; gatherings, weddings, parties, mornings, evenings, you name it. I hope to experience those beautiful things in my future.

wpid-https%3a%2f%2f41.media_.tumblr.com%2f85e08b9203986f6aad9086dc66bfecc1%2ftumblr_nnhaohaktt1r7suy6o1_1280.jpg   wpid-wp-1439272914473.jpeg

5. I reblog photos/quotes of things I believe in. Whether it is a quote from a book, a thought of someone who I agree with, a bible verse.. all and everything I believe in.

wpid-http%3a%2f%2f40.media_.tumblr.com%2f344f0fd54b6783ce598ca090b00557d4%2ftumblr_nmqbllvhsm1qhz5rko1_1280.jpg    wpid-https%3a%2f%2f36.media_.tumblr.com%2f62aeb4326918616e00d81d5d7ae09f7e%2ftumblr_n37lct7jrm1qc9ey0o1_1280.jpg

All in all, the things I post deeply influence myself now for the future. For example, the kind of photos I want to take. Sometimes, I reblog photos because I like the angle in which it was shot in, or I like the person's hair, or I like their body language. I just can't wait to get my camera so I'll be able to capture what I want to capture. On my blog, I find understanding, I find beautiful photos, I find things that I love. Tumblr is just a great site to post what you want and create this outlet of your own world, where no one will criticize you.

I don't know what else to say, but say that I'm happy that I shared my other blog, http://dreamlifedreamfreedom.tumblr.com/ with all of you, readers. You'll get to see even more of who I am. I'm going to head upstairs now and probably meditate. Oh, man. I may be becoming a hippie.

Have a beauuutiful Monday night!