just tryna live my life & be the best I can be


An 18-year-old girl with with a mind full of dreams, thoughts and loves.


You may be wondering why I choose to create a blog. If you want a short and simple answer, it would be because I want to showcase and keep track of my journey of self-growth; my thoughts, my realizations, my ambitions, my adventures, and my loves. If you're wanting me to elaborate, keep reading. :)


As much as I love living in the moment, I also love to capture it so when I look back at my photos, I can feel that same feeling I felt at that specific moment. Of course, I don't want to capture every single moment where it would lead the point of no longer enjoying it, essentially defeating the idea of living in the moment. For example, I have got to stop taking videos of every song performed at the concerts I go to... I mean, Kina Grannis sounds beautiful all the time... oh Lindsey, you should know that. Anyways, one of my goals is to save enough for my own camera, but for now, my G3 gives me pretty satisfying photos.

Being a person with a mind full of constant thoughts, one way I like to express my feelings is through writing. If no one is available, if I feel strongly about something, or if I just want to be able to remember a moment or lesson, I love to write about it. I am a person with strong opinions, and most of the time, I don't keep those opinions inside of me. I know it's hard to be able to open up, but no one should be afraid to talk about what they believe in and everyone is entitled to their own opinions! I also find writing very therapeutic and calming for the soul.

Lastly, I can't express enough how much I love going through the journey of self-growth. It feels so good to open up, to overcome fears, and to take a shameless action, no matter how small it is, all that matters is what it means to you. I also have commenced my relationship with God only 2 years ago and so far, my journey of spiritual growth has been filled with strange turns that blossomed into amazing blessings. I'm all for people embracing who they are, being themselves, and being shameless!

Stay tuned to see my fun adventures, fantastic explorations, strong opinions, lovely interests, beautiful influences, and random stories. Yeah, I think that's all...

FACT: It's hard for me to stop talking (I guess in this case, writing) because thoughts and ideas just keep comin'. I'll try my best to not make my posts too long!

Have a lovely day,