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Self Care or Escapism?



Why is it that we get so emotional and passive when our inner issues are given a spotlight? We tend to place the blame of our problems on people and time. When you take a step back and observe your habits, you'll realize that you may have been avoiding your problems all along through activities you thought were beneficial.

This blog post is inspired by The Friend Zone podcast episode -- 'The Big Binge Theory'.  Is it really self-care if we choose to stay home for a day and watch hours of Netflix or YouTube videos? Or are we just avoiding our issues? 

Personally, I never got into the activity of binge watching a TV series, because I thought that my time could be of better use somewhere else. I also justify my opinion by saying that spending hours in front of a screen does not get rid of your problems. If anything, it only delays the time you could have used to fix them.

When I started feeling good about not partaking in this binge watching culture, I observed by natural habits that I may not notice all the time. I realized that I turned to music to escape from problems with which I didn't want to deal. This habit is especially active when I'm out in public, because I have social anxiety; I tend to avoid people, in fear that I'll have to engage in small talk, and I have self-conscious issues that are mostly successful at bothering me all the time.

Anyways, for the past few weeks, I've put myself up to small challenges that scare me, like walking around without my headphones on and absorbing all of the natural sounds around me. I've learned to really appreciate my surroundings more, as well as recognizing how lucky I am to be able to have all of my senses, semi-including my terrible vision which is fixed by contact lenses and glasses.

Facing our own issues, especially those tricky ones deep inside of us that we deny through emotional or passive outburst, is one of the most difficult things to deal with in our lives. We have so many distractions in this era that can easily and temporarily get rid of those problems, but in the end, as we're settling in our beds and we're alone with our thoughts, that's when we come to the harsh reality that our problems are still residing within us. 

As a challenge for you, first try to observe your natural habits that you've probably been practicing for a while, because you may realize that it's blocking you from real progress for yourself, and I'm sure we all have those moments where we just wish all of our issues would just go away.

Lately, I'm discovering that the most important habits to progress is actually self-compassion and asking for help, but I'll leave those talks for another blog post or two.