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It's my birthday! Well, not exactly.

Two years ago, my 17-year-old self finally took the big step in creating this blog that I hold dearly in my heart. I decided to publicly share my journey of self-growth through my passion of writing, and boy oh boy have I grown. 

I never talk about analytics and I've kind of stopped looking at them a few months ago, but this morning, for the purpose of seeing my progress since the beginning, I checked them out and was mind blown. 

From 2015 (the following numbers are approximate), 

7,113 people have viewed a page of my blog (that's like... 6 high schools!)

in 51 countries and 211 cities around the world

-- top countries being Canada, US, Russia, & UK -- 
-- top cities being Vancouver (+ Greater Vancouver), Saint Petersburg/Moscow/Samara (Russia?!), Newfane + NYC (New York), London, Vienna, Berlin, etc. --

This is all absolutely unreal and I am beyond grateful that my work has made it to that many people and that many places around the world. Thank you a ton if you're reading my article for the first time or if you're a returning visitor. It means so much to me. The mere thought of someone deciding to choose a the link to my website boggles my mind.

Over the past one to two months, it's been really hard to keep this going. Despite me loving what I've started, I wanted to drop everything and quit. God knows all of the hardships I've been through and that I'm still going through, but every day, I choose to keep writing and to keep sharing to the world what I have to offer. 

From last May to now, I've accomplished many things; I wrote about my favourite cinnamon roll/one of my greatest role models -Lin-Manuel Miranda, I finally finished my France Exchange series, I shared another very personal story ('This Is How It Gets Better'), I collaborated with a local organization, I started my first project which required me to reach out, manage people, and shape a vision of mine (#SelfLoveSeries), and so much more. 

I often forget how far I've come, but I really am proud of all my babies aka my articles, because I spend on average, four hours on each post, trying to say the most with the least words and making sure that I'm getting my point across. It may sound like a lot, but I love it so much. I love storytelling and writing and I'm so proud of the younger Lindsey two years ago who decided to create this website. 

Lastly, thank you again to all of whom take their time to message me about my blog and to my close friends aka mi familia who are my number one supporters. Whenever I get a message from someone, they never send me one sentence 'Your blog is so cool!,'you guys send me at least a paragraph and it motivates me so much. I always get happy remembering your words, so thank you. 

To more years of Livin'Lin xo

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