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Why I Love Lin-Manuel Miranda

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I have been anticipating to write about this beautiful cinnamon roll for the longest time because he became one of my biggest inspirations ever since I discovered Hamilton: An American Musical just last year, which I will write about in a separate post. Before Hamilton, Lin also had other projects, such as the musical 'In The Heights', but since I've only discovered him from Hamilton, I will only be referring to that musical and other tidbits I've learned about him!

Lin-Manuel Miranda is the epitome of a wonderful human being. I started reading Hamilton: The Revolution last month and started crying because not only is he so pure, he worked so hard to make his dreams come true and now, millions know his name. His determination and passion is so inspiring to me that he has truly made an impact on how I chose to go about life.

When he first told people that he was writing a musical about one of America's founding fathers, people laughed at him as if it was a joke or as if it would not be successful as it is to this day. That fact itself absolutely touched my heart because I dream of a day that my own work can make a significant impact on people, and I constantly go through self-doubt or even being let down by others. I'm not necessarily talking about millions of people, but something even more significant than what I've already achieved. Lin is definitely a dreamer and in general, seeing people make their hopes and dreams come true brings me tears of joy.

I know Abuela’s never really gonna win the lottery
So it’s up to me to draw blood with this pen, hit an artery
This Puerto Rican’s brains are leakin’ through the speakers
And if he can be the shinin’ beacon this side of the G.W.B. and
Shines a light when it’s gray out

I wrote my way out
— Lin-Manuel Miranda, ('Wrote My Way Out', The Hamilton Mixtape)

Another reason I look up to Lin is because he's a person of colour who has made a name of himself in the Arts scene (musical theatre to be exact). Being a person of colour, who also has parents of immigrants, is something I relate to a lot. To this day, my parents are still working their butts off so that my three siblings and I can go to school as well as go on the occasional vacation and more luxuries for which we aren't thankful enough.

Being a child of an immigrant has a heavy weight on yourself, because you truly wish to achieve paying back your parents in any form. For me, right now, it's making them proud with my achievements in school and being sure of my future and my dreams. All I hope for them to know is that their work is not going to waste and that my number one dream above anything else is reaching the day where not only they're proud of me, but I'm also proud of myself.

I may delve deeper into what I just wrote about my own experience as a child of an immigrant, but going back to Lin-Manuel Miranda, finding out that he's just like me has not only been comforting, but also motivating to know that I, as a Filipina-Canadian, can also succeed in the Arts scene, which is what I strive to do. He wrote his way out from when he was just a musical theatre nerd -- now look where he's at. It's amazing.

I'm so glad that the world has welcomed Lin to our lives because he has genuinely played a huge role in my life as a push to keep doing what I love. I could go on and on, but honestly, I can't seem to find the right words to describe what LMM means to me, so I'll say a few adjectives/short sentences that I have not already mentioned to describe my feelings towards him: bundle of joy, precious, hilarious, loving, caring, powerful, outspoken, makes me cry just thinking about how much he's achieved... okay, I'll leave the rest for Tumblr.

P.S. If I ever become as famous as him, I will definitely be like this on Twitter.