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How Hamilton Changed My Life



This golden story was written back in January when I was at my prime of being Hamilton obsessed.

Note: This article was written in January, but since I've got nothing new to post, here's my golden story about becoming Hamilton obsessed. This was my prime. 

For some time, I've been hearing the name 'Hamilton' a lot, but it wasn't until April 2016, on the day I had a group interview for a job, that I had a conversation on the way home with a girl whom I met at the interview.

She was telling me about how she really loved musicals and I agreed that they were pretty cool (when my only extent of knowledge on musicals at the time was High School Musical, Wicked, Hairspray, and The Lion King -- in other words, I didn't know very many musicals, but I knew enough to know I enjoyed them). She mentioned that Hamilton has got to be her "favourite musical of all time" and I was curious to know what all this hype was about, so I asked her about it.

"It's about Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of America..."  

At this point, I'm thinking "oh fun... that's interesting..." and then she continues saying something along the lines of "It's like this hip-hop musical. It isn't your standard musical." HIP-HOP? A musical with hip-hop?! THAT is what got me hooked onto this gem that I had to discover for myself.

Once I got home, I turned on the computer, went straight to Spotify, and searched up what was called "Hamilton: An American Musical." Okay, what happened next was love at first listen. I listened to the opening song, "Alexander Hamilton" and suddenly started hearing these strong, cool, really non-typical-musical-like voices that got me feelin' some type of way. I was thinking "Wait a second.. this sounds DOPE", and I NEVER use that word.

From then on, I was hooked and now I listen to the Hamilton soundtrack at least once a day. It is purely brilliant. Another factor that made me fall in love with this hit musical was the fact that all casts are diverse. All members have different cultural backgrounds and they all have a unique voice and style to offer. In an interview, he said something along the lines of "I wanted the America now to tell the story of America," which I find so important to hear nowadays. My favourites of the original cast are Leslie Odom Jr., Daveed Diggs (aka Lafayette, my favourite character in this muse), and Jasmine Cephas Jones, though all of the casts (of other cities) are also crazy talented.

The story is based in my dream city of NYC and tells a history lesson I can never get tired of hearing. I would cry my most passionate tears if I ever got tickets to this masterpiece and history-maker of a musical. I didn't think that in my 19 years on this planet, that I could find myself relating to 18th century folk, better yet a founding father of the United States. From the lyrics "I'm just like my country, I'm young, scrappy, and hungry" to the whole piece of "Wait For It", everything seems to be ironically relevant and relatable to this century's issues.

It definitely took time for me to grow into this crazy obsessed fan that follows her favourites on social media, watches a few Ham4Hams (pre-show extras) here and there, bought Hamilton: The Revolution (basically the behind-the-scenes of the whole play), as well as the Hamilton CD and Hamilton Mixtape, and the very biography that inspired cinnamon roll, Lin-Manuel Miranda, to write a play about Alexander Hamilton... but I'd say it's only because it's like something I've never heard of before.

Last, but not least, I'll write about the creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, in a separate post, because he is honestly unbelievable as the wonderful human being he is. From his journey to rising to fame, his motivating tweets to his shamelessness to be himself on TV, I love and appreciate him so much. I'm so grateful that he made this musical and I guess, for making me obsessed with a founding father of the United States. #YAYHAMLET

Note: I have written about Lin man well well well, in this post back in April!