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Who is she?

Exactly one year ago, I was inspired to create this persona in me that lived by being shameless and by being myself. I live by the mottos #BESHAMELESS & #DOYOUBOO. Taking risks and not knowing exactly what the outcome would be or expecting every single possibility that I just don't know is what I live for, as well as taking in everything life gives me and making the most out of it.

This blog holds a large part of me. From the start, I put my heart and soul into it. I created it because I didn't have a voice in my household and maybe even outside of it. It was an outlet where I got to share my thoughts, my loves and interests, my story, my journey, and it still will continue to be that, though there are some new additions which you'll read about further on.

Why did you redesign your blog?

Livin'Lin was an experiment that gave me an outcome of more than I could ever imagine. Within a year, I gained more than 3k views in total which is a CRAZY stat to me. In all honesty, I couldn't have gotten all the attention without my fellow boos on Shameless Maya & her cousin Jeigh's "DO YOU BOO" group on Facebook. It's basically the best group ever filled with shameless people of all ages. We promote our craft, post our dilemmas, and give feedback if we'd like. My Story was probably the hardest post to write and publicize because it was so close to me and it ended up being my most popular post with a total of 208 views. When I wrote that, I shared it on the group in addition to other social media accounts and I ended up being flooded with messages from strangers, people I barely talked to, and a few of my close friends. It was overwhelming for me to receive all of this feedback, especially at a time I was feeling very weak and vulnerable after sharing a traumatizing experience, but you guys helped me get through it and I'm forever thankful.

Another reason I redesigned my blog is that sometimes, I felt like people didn't or don't take my seriously, including myself. This is my best attempt -- the work of hours in front of the computer, in front of my phone screen on the bus to anywhere, followed by another few hours of tears. I pushed myself so hard to create something that would please myself and that would give me hope that it would please others as well. Along with handling school work, work work, and other personal issues, I had no choice but to write at unusual times, but I was determined to work whenever I could.

My last point to this question is that I feel and know that I'll be writing in the long-term. Even though most of my regular audience right now consists of friends and maybe even their friends, if I do gain a larger audience, which is a dream of mine, I'll already be set with my own brand. This switch in website providers takes Livin'Lin to a whole new level of professionalism which even gives me the impression of "damn..." whenever I look at it. I'd love to be able to work with other creative artists and organizations and I wanted to show that I'm serious about what I love to do. Compared to Wordpress, Squarespace (my new provider) is much harder to maneuver, but I'm proud to say that I've learned a few things on how to create a website (I even did some coding, and that was very confusing!).

What's new?

Since I created Livin'Lin to have something I could call my own, my posts have consisted of my inspirations, thoughts, loves, and personal articles that were motivated by me telling myself "I'm upset and I'm gonna get through this and write about how I get through this." My blog will still continue to be that along with a few new features. 

 As much as I love writing about those themes I previously listed and sharing aspects of my life, I want to write more on what's not only important to me, but to everyone as well (or what should also be important to everyone). I'd love to incorporate informative articles on world issues or popular issues that are close to my heart and that I want people to know of as well. A few ideas I have in mind right now are talk on feminism, the importance of buying fair-trade and ethical clothing, and spreading #ASIANPOWER (I couldn't think of any other hashtag). Concerning my last point, as a Filipino-Canadian on the internet, there aren't that many Asians in the media, whether it be blogging, Youtube, TV or film, basically any form of media... and I want my voice to be heard from the background I've been placed at since birth, as well as the stereotypes against my race.

I'm keeping my options very open for what I share and write about as I do have tons of other projects I'd like to work on like challenges, which could be me living 1 week without my phone or 2 weeks as vegetarian or vegan. I've also thought about sharing creative narratives of my life, like childhood stories and memories. Of course, I'll include the typical Lindsey talk like raising awareness on self-love, confidence, spirituality, inner-happiness, and all that jazz. You guys can even tell me what you'd like to see on my blog!

What should I expect?

Don't expect anything from me, but do expect everything from me... by that, I mean that I'm really random and spontaneous. Don't be surprised if one day, I upload a short film or a video or do something crazy, because that's pretty normal for me. I love trying new things and I'll most definitely share what those new things are on my website. WOO LIVIN'LIN! 

For now, don't expect me to post daily because I'm still trying to incorporate time for writing and projects that I'd love to work on. Summer is shortly coming up though, and for those 2 months, I'll be posting on a regular basis! 

Lastly... *screams with tears in eyes* I'M SO HAPPY AND THANKFUL FOR ALL OF YOU!

If you've ever read a post from my blog, even if you just clicked on a link and checked out what I've been working on, I thank you so much. If you came up to me at school, even though we barely talk or have never talked, you guys make my heart melt! Seriously, I freak out all the time, even though all you see on the outside is me smiling. If you've ever reached out to me and sent me a message or posted a comment, I appreciate you so much for taking time out of your day to send me something so thoughtful. Thank you to all my friends who have been supportive of me from the start, much much love! IN ALL, I thank each and every one of you for tuning in and reading what this little lady with a wide mind has to say and share for the world. Love you guys so much. <3 I hope you're as excited as me for the future of Livin'Lin!




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