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Hello 2016!


Stepping into the new year, I have a few resolutions I hope to keep for the next twelve months. Approaching the end of 2015, the months have been amazing, leaving me hopeful that this new year will be even better with new experiences and memories. In general, these are three important points are what I hope for in 2016.

#3 Choose happiness.

Sometimes, we receive circumstances in which we were never ready for in terms of how to deal with them. Other times, we have the choice to take a risk or not. This year, I want to focus on better analyzing a situation before making a move to prevent myself for some long-term sadness. No one wants to be left feeling down, especially when you don't know how long it'll last! Regardless, whether I take a risk or not, it ends up being a learning experience.

#2 Stay persistent with everything you do.

I noticed that I tend to start new projects without finishing them or I'm not consistent with my work which leaves me feeling like a failure.. nevertheless, I should know that it's okay to not always follow through with plans, especially if my mental health is suffering and I'm in dire need of some alone time, which leads on to the next resolution for the new year.

#1 Don't be too hard on yourself!

It's one thing to make unrealistic goals for myself or create high standards, and it's another not to reach those dreams. It's okay to not always feel good about myself, it's okay that I didn't do well on this assignment, it's okay to fail sometimes. This year, I need to breath more, relax and resort in finding strength and hope within me that the situation will eventually get better, because it will.

And.. that's all! The reason I don't want to bombard myself with hopes and dreams for the new year is because I feel like resolutions take away your focus on the present time - they've just never really worked out for me. I could say a bunch of hopes and dreams like exercising more, eating healthy, coming to my first class on time.. but, those are things that I try to adjust to every day, and I can't fully commit myself to many things all at once (I'd turn into a mess!). I'm learning to take it easy and progress one step at a time. Whether new year's resolutions help you or not, I believe and support the tradition to celebrate a fresh start in each and every one of our lives!

All in all,

Cheers to more adventures, fun times with friends, meeting new people, and most importantly, living SHAMELESSLY and taking in everything this new year has to offer!


Wishing you a FANTASTIC 2016!