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My Recap of 2015


This year has been one of the greatest years of my life thus far. I could not be more grateful for the experiences I had had for the past 12 months. Through the ups and downs across the year, there are a number of events I'd like to go deeper into detail to further emphasize how meaningful the memory was for me.

#5 My Exchange Trip to France

Around this time, approximately one year ago, I would have been talking with my French exchange student, buying necessities for the trip, and hyping myself up for the future of what became some of the most amazing 2 weeks of my life. I've already written the first part of the trip on my blog, so you can check that out if you want. Overall, it was an amazing experience and definite great start to the beginning of the year. It felt like so long ago since I last visited.

#4 Speaking Out: My Opinion on Grad Committee Elections

Several months ago, actually, 7 days before I created my blog, I publicly spoke out about my opinion on social media about something controversial going on at my school. In summary, we were having Grad Committee elections for the upcoming year, and there was some pretty nasty feuds going around, which I wasn't okay with. These included people saying "Vote for me and not _____!" or gossiping and prejudicing others, saying that they don't deserve to win this or that position. I ran for Vice President, and I was in fact, one who was being prejudiced. I wanted to speak my mind on the situation, speaking out for myself, as well as others being targeted, and so I did. It caused a lot of dispute, but this experience was one I could never forget. It was the very first time I shamelessly put out my thoughts where everyone could see, and although it did create two different sides of people supporting me and people going against me, I take this as a proud moment for myself. To this day, I stand for my opinion. I'm always open to myself being perceived in different ways, as well as to the possibility that I may be wrong. Approach me, say what you feel, and don't be scared to share your opinion as well. We're all learning here.

#3 Creating Livin'Lin. 

I cannot be more thankful to God for having the courage to make this project of mine come true.  From May to December, I received a great number of positive feedback from people around the world, and it was all so unexpected. I never imagined the amount of encouragement and support I had gotten from everyone, and it gives me such great joy to know that there are people who are proud of me and what I'm doing. Thank you so much for everything.

#2 Summer 2015

This summer has been one of the most memorable and interesting summer's I've ever had. It started off with my family road trip on the west coast and though the rest of the summer basically consisted of me working every day, and barely going out for leisure time, let's just say, there was a lot of conflicts within the few months of work, eat, sleep that have unfortunately caused me great damage. In one of my posts, This Is My Story, I explain what my state was at the time of being. I'd say I was in this dark hole of misery and hopelessness; I really did not imagine my life turning around drastically after about a month from posting that. Anyways, it was a very significant time, not only from this year, but probably in my life. Even though I had to go through some of the worst experiences those few months, the months awaiting me in the future made up for it all.

#1 September to December 2015

Finally, two weeks after posting my story, I decided that I should take control of my life by focusing solely on myself through rediscovery as well as renewal of my self-love and self-worth. I'm not entirely sure how I could ever describe these 4 months of constant blessings. I've never accomplished so many things in a span of a few months, and it leaves me feeling endlessly thankful. During these months, I went on countless adventures, alone or with amazing company, I bought my first camera, I went to camp Strathcona with my French Immersion family (which I will talk about a separate post), my plans for post-secondary changed radically, I started working towards gaining experience for the area in which I went to get into, and most importantly, I focused on building myself up by surrounding myself with the best people whom I am forever grateful for by building and strengthening relationships with them.  It's amazing to receive all of these amazing gifts after a long time of sadness, but as long as you have hope in the better of your future and you disable yourself from looking back at the past, you will get better. These months have been so special to me, and I believe that they serve as an beautiful foreshadowing as to what is ahead in my life.

2015 is definitely a year to remember for me because it included both good and bad experiences. With it all, I gained knowledge and wisdom that is always useful for what is to come, and I could not be more excited for the new year. I'll be posting a 2016 post filled with personal goals and aspirations, so stay tuned!

Wishing you the best,