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Inspirations: Ella Grace Denton

For a while now, I've been wanting to introduce you all to (I always say this, but that's the point of this category, haha) one of my biggest inspirations. This is the girl who heavily influences me on living life to the fullest, inner spirituality, healthy living, and natural beauty. This girl goes by the name of Ella Grace Denton.

You may know Ella because of her boyfriend (who I look up to as well), Jack Harries. I first discovered her when he made a video called A Film for Ella where she jokingly challenged him to visit her in Australia, which he actually ended up doing. In the description of the video, he states that she planned to go travelling for 6 months, and 3 months into that time period, it was very hard for them to communicate long distance (which is why Ella made that joke). Ella and Jack are honestly one of the most beautiful human beings on this planet, inside & out. It's also pretty surprising to me how they're only 21 and 22, considering their level of high maturity and life accomplishments.. I mean, most people in their 20s that I know don't see and live life the way they do. I haven't yet met anyone in my own life who I could compare to them, but I always strive to grow into such positive, free, life-loving human beings like them.

The one attribute that I absolutely love about Ella is her free-spirit. Every photo of herself she posts on Instagram, every little message she writes in her captions, every blog post on her blog, she just gives out and promotes this care-free vibe. She always looks so genuinely happy with life, and even if she does have a bad day, she knows that knows that she can turn it around. Taken from her post Speak Your Truth -

"We must remember that WE own our feelings, WE own our voices, and WE own our lives and itโ€™s bloody incredible that we do."

Ella is a natural beauty. I strongly believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way, and sometimes, you just have to clear your mind from all of society's standards, all the media, and really see someone for who they are. What really enhances her beauty is her beautiful mind and actions- the way she thinks and the way she lives her life. Wow, I sound like I could be in love with her, LOL. I, like her, don't wear makeup (well, she wears little to no makeup at all), and finally being able to find someone OLDER that also doesn't really care about presentation makes me feel so much more comfortable with myself. When she still had her YouTube videos public, she stated that she cared more about her hair too, so that really tied the knot with me because I relate so much, hahaha!

In my last post, A Part of Me: A Compilation of Thoughts, I talk about meditation and you guessed it, Ella is the one who influenced me to try it out. She mentions it a lot on Instagram, and seeing her so happy, seeing how meditation contributes to her wonderful personality made me want to feel the experience myself- and now it's part of my daily routine, just like that!

I love Ella, honestly. I'm probably in love with her soul or something and then her looks are just an add-on. The way she lives her life persuades me not to spend so much time on my phone and really enjoy the beauty that is on our planet instead of spending hours our electronic devices. Her AND Jack- beautiful, beautiful humans who are changing the world, seeing the world, and really, genuinely LIVING through the ups and downs life gives them. Always surround yourself with positive people who change you for the better and you'll honestly make a better effort in DOING more every day & NOT taking life for granted.

Thank you so much for reading & if you want to check out Ella's blog, the link is http://www.wntlm.com/

Hugs, Lindsey