just tryna live my life & be the best I can be



Hello, I’m Lindsey aka Livin’Lin!

Based in Vancouver, Canada, I created this blog May 2015, when I decided to showcase my journey of self-growth through my passions of writing & creating. Since then, I’ve bloomed into the next chapter of my life: a 20 something year old, who knows enough about herself, in that she’s constantly evolving and most certainly ready to explore her heart’s true callings, whatever they may be.

Writing has been my first love and comfort ever since I could remember, and I thank every single person for taking time out of their day to read a part of my soul that is placed in every piece of work I put out to the world. I remember coming across other blogs at 3AM and thinking “This person wrote this for themselves, but they don’t know how much they’ve helped me.” My passion for the craft of writing is just as strong as the drive I receive from the satisfaction to create meaningful work.

Wishing you good vibes, the courage to overcome obstacles, and the confidence to live the life you desire, because you deserve it.


Never doubt what a person can create with some paper and a pen. The most important ingredient is always the love within the creator.